Multiple Blender windows not showing on bottom panel (Linux Xfce)


I’m using Blender 2.83 LTS and just tried the newer 2.93 LTS and was badly surprised by a thing.
When using multiple windows of one instance of Blender they don’t show on the operating system bottom panel, only the first window. Is this a design choice by the Blender developers or can I somehow set it to show me every single window I open additionally?
I’m using two monitors with three Blender windows open at once and really need them on the panel to switch quickly between them.

Help much appreciated! :slight_smile:

its not Blender but OS taskbar settings,
here is example for windows 10:

  1. right click on taskbar;
  2. Taskbar settings;
  3. Change [Combine taskbar buttons] to [Never]

Oh, I didn’t mention I’m on Linux. But this thing doesn’t work. The new windows, that you open from the main one, don’t even have the ‘minimize’ button. I don’t know if it’s a Linux specific ‘issue’. I’m using Linux with Xfce by the way…

I have started an Xfce session and cannot reproduce the problem with Blender 2.93.5 LTS.(Edit: The problem does not occur with 2.93.6 either)
From Panel Preferences, Items tab, select Window Buttons item and click the gear icon on the right. There try to change settings like not grouping windows.

Anyway it is strange that you say that this only happens with LTS version. Have you installed Blender from some repository? Or have you downloaded official Blender from Blender website?

In the panel item ‘window buttons’ I already use Window grouping: never.
This issue happens with 2.93 LTS but also 2.93.5 and 2.93.6.
Just to be sure and clear, I mean multiple windows of the same file open, like when you shift-click on the corner between different areas in the Blender window.
It’s like when you open Thunar, right click a file or directory and select ‘properties’, the window that pops up doesn’t appear in the panel and doesn’t have the minimize button on top.
BTW I always download Blender from the official website.

Ok, so, I could tell that I solved the thing… so simple…

When I click ‘Window’ on top left and then ‘New Window’ I get what I need.
Unlike when I Shift+Click on a corner between areas I get those pseudo-windows that I talked about.

But I’m curious, when you guys open new windows from the main one, how do you do it?
Thanks all for help :slight_smile:

That is called “Duplicate Area Into New Window” and in some editors you can access it from Right click Mouse Button → “Area” menu.

I can confirm that at least on Linux, starting from Bleneder 2.93, new duplicate areas are not shown in panel task managers (in KDE either).

Could you report this in the bug tracker? (Open Blender, Help menu, Report a bug)
I assume that this new behavior was not an intentional decision of the developers.

Or maybe it was an intentional change. Now Duplicate windows act as floating windows always in front when you select Blender’s main window. If you want it to function as a separate whole new window, you use Window menu → New Window

So you decide if with new behavior you would be having a problem or really missing old behavior, and then report this to the bug tracker if you feel that way.

Yeah, I think I report it and if the new behaviour is intentional they just dismiss my bug report. Thanks :slight_smile:
BTW I like your gimp icon