Multiple camera paths.

If in a short film I require 6 or 7 moving cameras, all from different angles and paths, to run one after another. How would you folks go about this?

the only thing I can think of doing is rigging each different scene, save them as different projects and render them all separately, then pull all the resulting files together. Is there a way to do this in a single project file?


Set up some markers in the Timeline (press M while in Timeline window) at the desired Frames where the cameras should switch in the Timline. Move the Markers with G, rename with Ctrl M (while in timeline window)
Select a Camera.
Select a Marker, then bind the Cam to the Marker (Ctrl B while in Timeline window!)
Now the Cameras should switch at the frame where the Marker is.
Repeat for next Cam.

That’s brilliant! Many thanks :o)