Multiple camera views

I have two camera’s in my scene.
The main one rolls to 125 frames. I then would like to switch to the second camera then animate the last 125 frames from that view? Could any1 tell me how this is done please?


There’s an inbuilt script that can change the camera during an animation.
If you open up the scripts window, it’s in Scripts->Animation->CameraChanger

All you have to do is give your camera’s a name that is the same as the frame you want them to become active on.

i.e your first camera should be called “1” and yor second camera should be called “126” (without the quote marks). You then call the script, and it’s done!


Just found this thread for switching camera views if anyone is interested (
Thnx enhzflep, Didn’t know there was a script. Is using the script or the method described above better u think?
Trying em out now.

EDIT: Acutally, the script is easier :slight_smile:

That worked like a charm.
Thnx for your help.

That’s okay FloorPlay, Always a pleasure to help out a fellow Aussie.

I also like the script because you can see all your cameras start positions when you load a file. You probably already noticed, but the cameras don’t chnge properly when you scrub backwards through the timeline.

You simply name the first camera 1,125 and the second 126.

Simon. (melb)

EDIT: if you open the script up in the text window, there’s a few directions on how to use it.

before we had the camera changer script, we did this by making multiple copies of a scene, and using a different camera in each scene, doing frames 1-100 in scene1, 101-200 in scene2 ( or whatever ) and so forth. the camera changer script obsoletes this method in some ways, but on the other hand, it is still useful, for various other purposes.