Multiple Cameras in different viewports at the same time?

Hey All,

I’m a bit stumped with this one. I’m creating a virtual set for a project with 3 cameras which we will be using for some live-streaming later on. I’m curious if there is a way to view all 3 camera views at the same time? This would make things easier as I’m creating the set so I wouldn’t need to keep manually switching back and forth between the 3 cameras.

I’d really appreciate any advice from the community.

Thanks All!

That button at the bottom of the viewport disconnects the camera from the scene, so that you can have 3 different camera views at the same time.

when you render, it will ONLY render the scene camera.

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Perfect, thanks so much

Thanks for this- solved this same problem for me as well.

i want do the same think in blender 2.8 but i cant find this button som1 can help


I also want to find a way to do this in 2.8

For 2.8 open the 3D view’s side-bar (default hotkey N). Scroll down to View and check the box “Use Local Camera”

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