multiple camera's

Can you make an animation with more than one camera?
I know the answer is yes
but how do you render it?
do you have to render every camera separatly and then edit the separate movie files with the sequence editor?

Eveyone’s favorite Blender forum has a great tutorial on this very thing.

Check it out. It’s how I learned.

THX a lot I didn’t see it (but i only searched the forum)

that is why the sequence editor is there.render the first shot say from 1 to 100 and save it as a avi or the format you preffer.then again render the second shot from say 101 to 250 and again save the sequece-editor screen with “shift+f11”(i think)and with hitting "shift+a"open the anims one by one and blend them.after that go back to render buttons(f10)and select “do sequence” and click “anim”.that’s it!! :smiley: