multiple cameras

hit 0 only give you the default camera view.

I’ve 2 cameras, I would like to see the second camera view, how do I do


huh? sorry, i couldnt understand you…

Select your camera and go to edit buttons,…you will get a pulldown menu with your cameras.<edit> never mind that doesn’t seem to toggle the camera,…I will check it out for you though brb…
<edit> I couldn’t find anything on toggling cameras, but I know there is a script for it in Python and Plugins. You might try that.
<edit> or just do what weirdhat says.

Select the camera you want, press Ctrl+0.


WH has the correct answer, but I wish to add that CTRL-0 works with all objects, not only cameras :slight_smile:


so i can make a cube my default camera?

what do you mean S68?

I am assuming it toggles the active object, but I forget why you would want to do that.

It’s particular usefull for spot lamps.


and for Armatures, in very particular cases:

Parent Empty to Bone

Switch to Empty view

Operate on Chain.

That chain stay always planer

But, well, now we have XYZ rotation constraint :slight_smile:


Rotation constraint where already there in 2.25, although it’s fun being credited for work I didn’t do :wink:


Shapeshift, doing that for a cube would be only for aligment reasons… (point to something). Not very useful for an object, but really useful to Control 0 on a light, to make the aiming… Then Control 0 again for selected camera.


Got it.
Thank you guys!!