multiple cameras

is it possible to view different cameras in different viewports?

So that i can view camera 1 in a viewport, and camera 2 in an other viewport?


No, you can switch cameras, by selecting the camera you want and pressing ctrl 0, but that changes whichever windows are currently in camera view, to that camera.

Oke, thanks. I know i can’t have two active cameras, but I only want to see what they are seeing… I had done it a few days ago, but it won’t anymore.
so is that maybe possible?? only view what they see? (not multiple active cameras)


there is ‘align view to selected’ in the view menu, but that won’t really give you the camera view, although it will be fairly close.

Sorry to hijack a support thread, but this seems like an unnecessary restriction, and should be considered for change in the future.

First of all, since we now have renderlayers, why not make it possible to have one active camera render to one layer, and another to other layers? With one press of F12, your node setup could make a mosaic composite of sideview, closeup, wideangle etc.renders of your model, in one result image.

If you are working from two reference photographs taken from different angles, it is possible to load them in separate view windows as backgrounds, and match two cameras to the images in these views. But, when you set the active camera, it affects both views, not just the one you are using, which is a pain.

Furthermore, why is it not allowed to pan in the camera view? If you zoom in for detail, you can only zoom towards the center. If you have the background image and the camera matched, this is too restrictive, since you can’t zoom towards the edges of your background image. (EDIT: ok, you can pan with Shift-MMB. But not with Ctrl-Numpad, which I seem to default to)

I stumbled upon this thread in my search to find out exactly what was asked here. I am in the process of modeling Einstein for the “Blending life” competition, and I am using multiple background photographs. None of them are straight ahead or 100% in profile, so it would be ideal if I can set up various cameras in various viewports to cater for every photographic view. I currently did that, except that I have to select the relevant camera and Ctrl+0 every time. It also means you have to remember which camera was set up for which view.

Should I log this as a request?

To set 3-d windows to different camera views, turn off the padlock icons next to the layers buttons in the header.

You still have to press ctrl-0 to do so, not 0, but CD38’s right. And if the padlock’s off it won’t change the active camera either.

EDIT: Actually, it will change the active camera…sorry, I was just going by what I read online a couple days ago. I just tried it and found it to be false.