Multiple colorful lights

im trying to recreate this lighting setup from this image

but im having a very difficult time trying to get the colors to blend in together like in the picture and have them look as saturated (sometimes they blend together and form a light color?) and not dull, while also having the dramatic blurred shadow at the bottom.

I think the object has its material looked like this in the first place.

Yep - or it has been drawn in something like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or GIMP. It doesn’t look ‘rendered’.

hey, thanks for the reply. i dont think its the objects material because of how the smoothly the colors transition into the engraved part of the sphere, but if so would know how id go about doing this material procedural.

regarding that its done using a photo manipulation software, i dont think it is in this case because of how the gradients follow the spheres contour and how they wrap around it, it would have been pretty clear if it was so, plus the artist’s work is primary 3d (i even tried asking him but he sadly passed away 4 months ago).

this was my humble attempt at it

still the colors are way desaturated and dont blend together the way i want them.