Multiple colors as a texture mask

I wonder how to use multiple colors as a texture mask

(From Scatter5 blendermarket)

You mean rgb as map something like red for the amount of sand, green for grass and blue for water ?

I believe that if you use a separate RGB node you can use each channel as a different mask.

The problem here would be to find a texture that really separates the colors since any color is in fact a mixture of all channels in different proportions unless they are pure red, green, or blue. Everything will depend on the final result you want to achieve, anyway.

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Bingo, just wanted to post (almost 6 years old).
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I have posted here about that subject… few years ago… but my memory have a flat battery.

it was an old technique used in video game industry during the 90. of course you can use multiple vCol channels.

Old but nice… Just read something (even if the article is a year old) using a game engine at about a Highway Scene: Using Blender for Modeling and Vegetation Workflow. Directly above : The highway material instance has a more complex setup.
(Edit: found this while searching for something complete different :crazy_face:)