Multiple colors on one object

First of all, hello! ^^

As you may have found out already by the title, yes I’m inexperienced with Blender. :<
My question is as follows; I have for example a human face with hair, mouth, lips, etc. If I wish to start coloring this in I go to materials > pick the color and my object then becomes that color.

The problem is that the entire object becomes the color! I want a different color for the lips, a different color for the skin, something else for the hair, etc. How do I this? Or is this something super complicated? D:

Relax, it’s not super complicated…

Put your object in Edit mode (TAB), then, using face select mode, select the faces for which you want to apply a material. In the buttons view, hit F9 to show the Editing buttons, then look for the Panel called ‘Link and Materials’. In this panel, about 1/3 the way down, you should see a control with a color swatch on the left, then a box with something like ‘1 Mat 1’ in it, then a button with a question mark. Just above that will be a button with up/down arrows. There may or may not be a material name to the right of that button. In either case, click that button (which, when you mouse over it, says “Browses existing choices and assign”) and select a material from the list. Using this method, you can apply a material to only a portion of an objects faces, and have multiple materials assigned to one object.

Hope this helps…

Awesome! Took a bit of time to find my way to where you directed me, but I made it. Thanks a lot! ^^

One small follow-up question though. At the part where you add a new material, is it possible to chance the name instead of it being just Material.001 or Material.002, etc?

The name can be changed in the Shading panel (F5), just click the material name and type in a new name