multiple composites

I,m trying to put blur and glare and different filters on different objects in the node editor. How do this? Seems I can only do one or the other.
What is the Choice under add - group for? I get no choice for this.


If you want to affect only selected objects, then you should place them on different layers. Then you can use each layer as a source and stack as many different nodes as you like.

If this won’t work for some reason you can use the pass index to select objects but its harder to work with.

Maybe i’m not getting your point, your problem is that the final render only reflects the image on one of the composite nodes in the node-editor instead of all the composite nodes merged ?
If this is the case, your problem may be that blender can process only one composite node. You should route the output from your add- and your first mix-node through another mix node, than run the output of this new node with your second mix node and send it to one compositor node. I attached a image of what i mean. I hope this helped.


Thanks mindgame , that works ( That is the color mix nodes ? right ?) but It changes the blur and glare and background a little can’t get it right.
I am using pass index.
I think I have a tutorial somewhere about rendering multiple layers . I’ll try stacking nodes
Thanks all

I have the objects on layers.
Somehow it renders only layer one… or sometimes it render all but with the same blur on each item , Here is a blend file if someone can tell me what is incorrect.
Also can I put a light on one object and not on another object on a different layer.


composit nodes b.blend (302 KB)

Yes, you can do these things.

  • Place your objects and lights on various layers as needed. (Keep notes.)
  • If you designate a light as a “layer light,” then it will only “shine on” objects that are in the same layer(s) as the light is. But consult the documentation, because shadows and light are different!
  • In the compositor, the “RenderLayer” node is the basic source of information that’s coming in from the scene. It can select by layer. You can have as many of these nodes in the noodle as you may require. (The “pass index,” a different concept, can do this also.)

I dunno about you, but I have to grab a big yellow legal-pad and a glass of wine and work the whole thing out on paper first. “What’s the strategy going to be.” I’m looking at the whole lighting situation, what needs what effect(s) or texture(s) applied to it, everything. I find that I am remarkably unsuccessful just trying to plop down in front of the computer and work it out there. (Plus, it’s not wise to get a glass of wine too close to the computer. :yes: Or to yourself, if you’re trying to work it out on the computer. ;))