Multiple Compositing Node Setups

I was wondering if it was possible to have multiple compositing node setups within the same blender file. For example, have a compositing node setup for a plane track, and also have a compositing node setup for 3D tracking.

Im guessing just using multiple scenes is the solution to this.

You can also group node setups and append them in from external .blend file scenes. Then add them as a node type > group. This way you can choose them without all being built into the currently open .blend.

You can have multiple node setups in the same scene, but only one can be directed to the scene output at a time. Alternately you could route their outputs to a file output node. This allows you to individually name and save components of your node setup. Of course theres nothing stopping you from just directing various other images to it. However you will be limited to the current scene’s dimensions.