Multiple copies by rotation?

Ні. I’m looking for tool which help me to make multiple copies by rotation? Something like array modifier, but with specific angle parameter (snap angle).

make multiple copies by rotation?
Please clearly describe and show examples of what exactly you want. Please don’t rely on other users having to guess what you think you want

Is this better?

I’ve made a quick video showing a couple of methods, there’s also a text version below if it’s unclear. :slight_smile:

You can use the basic array modifier found in the normal place. Then add an empty to the center and check the object offset button in the array modifier, and assign the empty as the object. Ensuring that the center point of the cube is on the empty(so use edit mode to move it around) and not scaling the empty at all, if you uncheck the relative offset button in the array modifier and move the empty, the arrayed cube should now copy the transforms of the empty, so for your purposes you can rotate the empty.
Another method(that’s slightly less variable once accepted) is to move the cube to wherever you need it, then in edit mode move the 3d cursor to where you want the center of the rotation to occur, and then hit alt+R, you can increase the steps and the angle in the tools panel (t).
Hope I’ve been helpful :slight_smile:

An array modifier using Object offset, not relative or constant offset will work. Many will use an empty as the object’s copies center of rotation.

The spin tool works also.


Thank you for help.