Multiple corrective shape keys blending wrong

Hello Guys,
I’ve got a problem, I dont know how to handle corrective shape keys with drivers correctly.
I’ve sculpted several shape keys for the head. For looking left, right, up and down. My problem is they dont blend nice together.
I’ve looked up all the tutorials and threads about this topic but it seems nobody uses multiple shape keys for one bone in diffrent poses ? Mostly just 1 shape key in a very basic way.


When i’m using just two shape keys it looks kinda ok, but i cannot move the head in diffrent positions more then left and right without looking weird.


These are my driver settings for all the drivers.

How do you go about this ?

Without a blend can’t really tell. But, it looks like you are using the same basis for both shape keys. The shape keys go from basis to shape. It looks like you have this sequence for the first and also the second. The second shape key should use the first shape key as the basis. Other wise you go basis to shape, basis to shape. Again can’t tell without a blend.

Ok thanks, yes thats what i’m doing, sculpt the shapes from the basis. I’ve got problems with setting up some drivers too.
But if i have to sculpt for every possible mix a new shape key, wouldnt that be a complete mess
on shape keys for a whole character ?

I had to delete almost everything to get it under the 5mb filesize limit. i hope everthing still works.
The shape keys head up, head down making problems on their own too, because i dont know how to set it up correctly.

ShapeKeyProblem2.rar (5.0 MB)

Yep that’s the issue with shape keys. However, you can get your drivers to engage your shape key so that you can bypass that issue. Another words it only works after you say move your head X degrees. It is easier for me to use the helper bones for that type of movement but it can be done with shape keys as well.

OK I took a look at your file. I think you have done a good job with what you have. I would make your main shapes like you have and then just put in either a helper bone to push the mesh or a switch panel to manipulate your shape keys, but I don’t know what your application is. May not work for a game engine, but for a film I like a switch panel to fire off the shapes when you need them. But to me, it think it would be easier to just put in a few more bones to move the mesh around free style rather than try to code every possible alternative.

Perhaps this can help you with your issue:

Nice alternative.

Wow thank you, thats exactly what i need

Thank you for your time
Its for Anatomical Drawing reference so it needs to be as high quality as possible but on the other hand artist friendly in terms of using and posing.
I think i can get with that RBF drivers pretty far.

If anyone who finds this has the same problem, use rbf drivers. That works like a charm


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