Multiple displace modifiers


As real displacement map does not work pretty well with cycles yet I have tried to use several displace modifiers with several displace texture using vertex group to select which part of the body would be affected. I have one material for every part, so it is not an UDIM system issue.

So the problem is in the shared vertex the displacement does not affect properly. It is a expected behaviour but if I use vertex weight to low the intensity of those vertex to 0.5 in each piece… it does not work either.

Did any of you have the same problem? Do you now any way to solve this? Thanks

First, very nice old man.

The big issue I see is that you are using a disp map whose middle level is very bright.
2 way to change it:

  1. Adjust your disp map in photoshop so that middle levels are 0,0,50%.

  2. adjust the modifer 'mid level value’s to match your disp map.

Thanks :).

I was using this character to test a new multi tile painting (a simulation of udim painting in Blender) plugin which I have been working for a while. I will release that pretty soon but I was testing if displacement maps works.

These are displacement directly taken from zbrush, and they works pretty well using only one material ( the standard way I mean). But I am going to try your suggestion, maybe it makes those maps works better :).