Multiple Domains and Rigid Body Simulation

Hi there!
I want to make a domino simulation, where each piece have fluid with different color inside. So I baked the pieces with different domains, but when I start the rigid body animation, the pieces fall correctly and the fluid remains stopped.
I tried to make the domains bigger, but when I did it, the fluid goes out of the piece or the color of the previous domain interferes in the next.
Does anybody have a suggestion to how can I solve it?
Thanks I lot!

what do you want to do exactly? Should that domino pices look like a closed container filled with fluid and and the fluid reacts when they fall? Maybe when you descripe your idea a bit more we have an idea :wink:

I think you need to reverse the order in which you are doing this. You should bake all the rigid body dominoes to keyframes first and then do the fluid simulation with the dominoes as obstacles.