Multiple Dynamic Text

Good day everyone

I’d like to know if it is possible to have more than one dynamic text active in the blender game engine?

Here is the scenario I need it for. I’ve got 2 weapons, both are active at all times and both have ammo, one being rocket pods, and the other weapon is a plasma cannon.

Having both meshes with the same property name “text” doesn’t seem to work that well. Is there a way to rename the property to something else and it still works?

They both can have the same property name for them to be displayed right, but having the need to change the value does not work, because both have the same property name.:no:


you have two objects and both have the Property “Text” (int) and should display 2 different numbers, but it doesn’t work. am i right?
What is the result? Do both have the same value, or does the value not change, or is the Text not shown?

Alright the one mesh kept removing the text when I press the corresponding button to trigger the property to change, I re-did both and now it seems they both work.:confused:

That would be very nice :wink: which blender version do you use?

Well I’m currently jumping between both 2.57b and 2.49b, not quite sure if 2.57’s game engine is better, but for the most part I still stick to 2.49b. (Trying to get use to the new UI in 2.57)

And most of the scripts are geared for 2.49b, as well as some filters are working for my ATi card, so 2.57 is still a while away. :slight_smile:

edit: I’ll be posting a in progress demo in a bit, for where I used the dynamic text. ^^

I’m doing the same! :wink:
currently i’m working on a monstertruck-game in 2.49b and i think its a bit difficult to switch to 2.58 because the layout and stuff changed alot!

To me, a bit too much for no reason, there was nothing wrong with the old UI, don’t know why they changed it, unless the industry standard for UI’s mean for them to look intimidating and chaotic. Other than that, the game engine in 2.57 doesn’t look as if it might be a lot better than 2.49b. (Might be wrong)

Anyhow, it still doesn’t seem as if they have more support for ATi cards.:no:

Yes you’re right because 2.58 doesn’t work properly with my graphic card. And i think your right i tried all my games in both version and 2.49b was only 2 fps slower and the physics were alot better. :frowning: