Multiple edit mode editing

So , this is the idea ,

In object mode , you select 2 or more objects , then press tab to enter edit mode .

All the objects enter edit mode now, you can edit them with some restrictions such as merging ( because they are different objects ) but you can do snap and other edit mode operations.

It can save some time if u want to edit 2 meshesthat have some kind of relation.

what u think ?

How would that be different/better than just merging the two meshes into the same object, executing the desired operations, and then separating them back out again?

I think tweakingknobs might be referring to something like lightwave had ie background and foreground layers where you could put a mesh in the background as a guide and still see it in the foreground layer while editing and hide any section of the mesh in the background layer Hard to describe but someone who has recently used LW will hopefully know what Im on about.

It can be useful I suppose, but as long as it could be turned off, cause I know when using maya I have to hide objects so as not to edit them accidently lol