Multiple Explode Modifier and Particle Systems

I’m trying to create a type of thing with an exploding logo. It should first slightly crack, and then shatter. I’m using physics forces to make the shattering effect, animating the strength on them.

My problem is that I wanted to use two different particle systems. I wanted the video for the first few seconds to do about nothing. Then in the next few, have the logo break into big chunks, that don’t separate much, then after that, it “shatters.” Now, using a the explode modifier and particles, I can create one or the other, but not both at the same time. Right now, I’m stuck using only the shattering version and very small forces, which keep the pieces close together until I want more force, but they are still the little bitty pieces.

My idea would be to simply have two particle systems and two explode modifiers, since in the particle system you can control when they actually start. But, it doesn’t work because no matter which way I stack the modifiers, even with two particles and two explodes, I can only get or the other working, though they in general work fine separately.

Is there a solution to this problem, or will I have to fake it by doing the bigger pieces and then doing a separate thing instead of exploding for the small ones afterwards?

If you want I can do it for you. Here’s some of the work I’ve done. You can send me the .blend of your logo and I’ll make it look as real as possible.

No, I’m not looking to contract the work out, free or otherwise. I’m just trying to make Blender do what I want it to. I have a way to workaround the issue if necessary.

If there is not a good solution, then I may post somewhere a feature suggestion if it isn’t already in the works to allow a particle system modifier to choose which attached system to use, and by the same token make multiple explosion modifiers possible by choosing the system.

Just so people know, since I couldn’t find a solution directly to this, I’m working on it the “slower” way. I made the logo, then used the knife tool to cut the bigger pieces, separate the faces, then rejoin them(quick way to do it without having to “rip” each edge apart). Then I’ve created a shape key that is the slight cracking for the beginning, then I’ll add the explode modifier with particle system to make the tons of smaller pieces.

Lesson learned…don’t try to depend on modifiers and the “quick” way to do things too much. Learn the way to do them directly in case the modifiers, etc… can’t handle what you want. But, when the modifiers can work, use the shortcuts.