Multiple Faces / Vertices / Edges

Is there any way to extrude / move multiple faces / edges / vertices to different directions simultaneosly depending on where each of them is facing to?

Alt+E will extrude individual faces along their normals or set the pivot point to ‘Individual Origins’ and extrude/scale individual faces.

For specifics it’s best to ask specific questions and supply info for your particular case

umm i dont know what you are asking about exsactly, can you give an exsample?

you can shiftclick on several verts and faces/edges to select them. also you can shiftclick the Vert/Edge/Face to work with faces, edges, and verts at once.

This is what I want to happen at the same time, but I also want them to stay connected.

got you… hold on, ill prepare something to show you.

There is a function called proportional edditing, and i think this is what you need. select “Connected” and play around with it for a while.

remember you can use your mouse weel to change the size of the “Pencle” or whatever u want to call it. the bigger, the more verts will be moved. you will figure it out. i use this a lot.

in the exsample you showed me with 3 verts going outwards, i would select the one in the middle, move it out, and then press S to scale.

That’s not what I need, but still thank you :confused:
It should be as shown here in 1:35

The way he extruded all the faces to the direction they were facing (What he did to create the thing around the head).

Richard already answered what you need, see second post.

Oh forgot to check what Richard suggested, thx richard, that solved it.