Multiple Fluid Domains?

Well I created a nice cup of coffee with the fluid simulation. I then went on to create (or attempt to create) another fluid simulation in my scene and I get the message that a fluid domain already exists.

So my question is (actually it is two questions): how do I get multiple fluid domains for differing objects in my scene?

Second question is: after I have baked a fluid simulation, can I select the fluid object (which is now a compressed mesh) and select it and delete everything else except that mesh with the deformation at a particular frame? Don’t know if I’m making sense.

Many thanks to anybody who can help.

Hi artistic_kelly

I explained this in an earlier thread (entry 8 in this thread):

For your second question, you are trying to capture a single frame of your fluid animation as a mesh?? If so, download the bobj_import script in the “Limitations & Workarounds” section near the bottom of this page: