Multiple Halos as a Single Object

Is there a way to have multiple halo faces in a single object? If you try it, all of the faces seem to rotate around the object center until they face the camera. That wont work for the project I want to do this for.

Can you have the halo faces all rotate around their own centers instead of the object center? The reason I am asking is because I need to use lots of halos and I would rather not have hundreds of separate objects, which would be slow. Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:



Yes! Just select the face, press ‘p’, and now it is a separate object. Click center new and parent it via vertex parenting to its parent mesh.

That would go against the purpose of the question. I need a way to have multiple halo faces in a SINGLE object.

I’m starting to think that you can’t do this. Is there a way in Python that you could make all of the faces in an object rotate around their own centers towards the camera?

Believe me you dont want to do this. You rather want to add 1000 objects with halo enabled.

Maybe you should tell us the purpose of your question. Sometimes a redesign has more benefits.

I wanted to have a bunch of halo faces with a smoke texture rigged with an armature to make a smoke monster. I already checked, and halo still works with an armature. To see an example of what I mean, Google “ICO”. it’s a ps2 game that has monsters like what I’m talking about

You could use a python script to get each quad in an object and rotate them all to face the camera, but I’d imagine it would be far more efficient to just use separate objects, until multiple halos gets hard-coded into the BGE (though I don’t imagine that’s a very high-priority issue)

I dont know but on ICO they dont use halo to make that effect

If you want manipulate them as a single object, turn them into a group, by going to Object --> Add to Group.

Then, press spacebar and select the new group, and these seperate objects will be instatiated in a group, where all are treated as one.

Have a go!

@Captain Oblivion: I know it’s probably not efficient, but I would still like to at least try it. Do you know how to do that with Python? I don’t know anything about manipulating meshes with Python.

@leonnn: I know they don’t use halo, but how else can you do that in Blender?