Multiple heads option!!!

Is it possible to say have your character all set up modelled rigged etc to perfection, and then say like hmmmm i want a new head on this but want to keep the old one and have it there as an option

therefore to have multiple options for body parts rather than having to create a totally new character whom looks pretty much the same as the original wif just a different head/ arm leg / finger/finger nail etc etc.

eg: you model a character in makehuman, you want 2 humans in your blender file that are the same just have different heads.

you can just create yourself a library of body parts- hands, feet, heads etc and use them when you want to by manually importing and welding the vertices, faces. Or you can just create a cool genereci character and modifiy it. XSI has a nice character creator tool, Poser can do the exact same thing only better :wink:

hmmm yeah welding the new head to the verts is what figured would have to do. other ideas a bit to complicated, trippa. maybe like the shape keys avenue could allow different versions of one character.


theres that data block thing where can switch between diffent mesh bases :eek: