Multiple ID masks

(Rusty Hardy) #1

I’m trying to figure out how to combine multiple material index definitions into one viewer/output. I use the mix shader at the moment, multiple times, and with each one I use the effect becomes less defined. Bellow is my current setup. Please help, I’m on the very last leg of my project and this has been driving me crazy.

(kesonmis) #2

It seems that you are AlphaOvering some colored glare over original renders and then Mixing these overed elements together? Looks like correct way would be to AlphaOver (or plus) your glows over original element one after another. Remove the AlphaOver nodes from each color subgroup and put them where you currently have Mix nodes.

Currently you are mixing single glows one after another and because you only have one piece glowing at a time, all other pieces start losing the glow. This is why effect becomes less and less defined, you are mixing more and more original unglowing element into them.

(Rusty Hardy) #3

Thanks for the reply. Compositing is new to me. I have been playing around without using it because, frankly, it’s intimidating. I’ll try out your fix tonight when I get home.

(Rusty Hardy) #4

I DID IT!! I couldn’t figure out how to do what was suggested but I got it in the end by just jacking around with it. I ended up using mix nodes with the “Lighten” header. I got exactly the effect I was after without detail or intensity loss.