Multiple image texture headache!

Hi, total newbie user of Blender here. I’ve got myself into a real muddle trying to achieve the multi layered texture effect I need. I’m working on a way of simulating foil balloons - all fine until I try and add the holographic foil. So I’ve got two video textures to replicate the holographic (printed and unprinted). Then I’ve got a bump map for the wrinkles on the foil. Then I’ve got the design on top (separated between reflective areas and non reflective areas - so two instances). Now I’m almost there, but the black elements on the non-reflective UV map are invisible. So they’re being read as alpha. I’m using PNGs for these elements, the white is showing but not the black. Any ideas? If you want to see the file then you’ll have to explain how I package up the project. Hopefully that makes some sense!Have I just got too many image textures involved?