Multiple image texture problems.

Hello, I just finsihed(or am close to finishing) a fairly complex sence. Now i’m in the texturing phase and i’m wondering how I assign different image textures(ones that I have uploaded) to differnt parts of my scene? I’m not UV mapping but should I?

Right now i’m texturing a pillar and need to bircks(image texture) to go in the right direction. But if I just upload the image texture and slap it on there it looks horrible. What should I do?

I know you can assign differnt materials to certain faces of your mesh like the colors red and blue but is there a way to do that with uploaded image textures without UV mapping?

Any1 know how to do this? Or is it even possible?

Try going to texture panel (F6) and adjust xrepeat & yrepeat values…and adjust filter setting to minimum…(F5, map input, flat)…hope it helps

and go to the Map Input panel, and play with Size - sounds like you need to tile it a bunch of times and scale it to fit your column.