Multiple Images for one object

I am modelling a house with stone on the outside wall. The stone is added in square plates that are repeated in a grid. In the end, you should see that there are multiple plates.

So I created one plate (just a cube made flat) and added two Matrix modifiers, one repeating the stone up and one left/right. I also added a Boolean modifier to make sure the stone does not cover windows and such. The problem now is: If I simply add the stone texture to the cube, the eye instantly sees that it is repeated over the wall.

Is there a way so that every stone gets a different texture? I have enough images for every block, but 10 different ones should be enough. Maybe some way that the texture decides randomly witch image to choose?

If there is no (easy) way to do this, I can obviously still apply the modifiers and add a separate texture to every block, but I would like to avoid that (there are a lot of blocks on the entire building!)

Thanks in advance!

Here’s how it currently looks like:

First, I wouldn’t model this way!

next, you might be able to use “object” coordinates (or global) and combine your individual block images into a larger one…

generally speaking it’s better to make avoid stuff like array… tyou’ll get a lot of uneeded geometry hidden inside those walls… (unless you built it to avoid that, and ifg you did that you may as well just build the front surfaces anyway!

This tutorial can solve the problem: