Multiple IPO's on one object?

The title pretty much sums it up. I’m making a small Star Wars game and I want my saber to be able to idle and slash. I have the blade and hilt parented to an empty and the empty controls the sabers IPO’s, Logic, and Python. Any suggestions? This is my current setup… and it’s not working…

Always_____Expression: Walk == 0______IPO = Idle
Forward____Python: SetPropValues
Slash_____AND____IPO = Slash

But if my current IPO in the 3d view is idle then it plays the idle animation and vice versa.


Are you using IPOs or actions? You can (sometimes, for something like slash and idle, and if the saber is parented to an object then yes) use various things in one animation, like you have idle between frames 1 and 50 and the slash between 70 and 130, in the same IPO animation.

Good thinking =]