Multiple issues with hair/fur/dynamics

Using the latest blender version (2.71)

Hi all. I’m trying to make a rat character who is obviously covered in fur. She has braids and that causes some problems. I can’t figure out if there’s any way to rig her braids so that I could animate them. I’ve tried to play with hooks and such but no luck so far. I guess rigging hair is not possible?

But anyway. I could get away with just using hair dynamics but I can’t get hair collision to work. Hair just clips through the character when using normal collision found in physics panel. I read somewhere that hair collision hasn’t worked since 2.49 or something.

Then I tried to use the method where surface type force field is used to keep the hair out of the body. While it sort of works with braids (doesn’t look that great though) I can’t find any way to disable it’s effect on all the fur on the body of the character. With this method I have to duplicate the whole character mesh as the forcefield can’t be on the same object which spawns the hair. This obviously isn’t very efficient method in any case.

She has multiple different particle systems, most of them have individual settings. None of those have dynamics enabled but somehow the force field affects them too, messing up the combing and stuff. (pic) Braid particle system is the only one which has dynamics enabled. I’ve tried to set field weights to 0 and force field settings to none & all combos of the check boxes in every particle system other than braids but that doesn’t do anything.

In the pic you can see what the force field does to rest of the fur. Braid dynamics are disabled in both pics. Only workaround collision is on.

I’ve ran out of methods to try here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (yeah I know I could always remove the braids)

Got some other issues with the hair particles/material too, but this is the biggest problem right now.

In short:

-No method to rig long hair?

-Hair/fur collisions don’t seem to work

-Can’t limit the effect of a forcefield to certain particle systems

Maybe you’ve already tried this, but how about converting the hair to a mesh and then rigging it? I’m sure this would create other problems. I’ve been struggling with hair issues, too, and it seems that any solution either doesn’t work that well, or if it does, it creates other issues. I just got word that they are totally revamping hair for the new version of Blender. Well, for now, we’ll just have to do what we can.

Thanks for replying. Nope I haven’t tried that yet. Not sure how well that would work with braids but worth giving it a go I suppose. But then I can’t use dynamics on them at all. Hmmh. or maybe I could somehow. Dunno. Well, I’ve understood that the Gooseberry project is aiming to improve the hair/fur system so there’s still a chance that this might just work some day. :slight_smile: We’ll see. I guess I’ll cut her braids off if turning them to mesh doesn’t work. I had some additional problems with those anyway. Mostly at the roots which don’t begin close enough to the skin no matter what I do.