Multiple Keyframe Animations + Game Physics

Hey everyone,

I have a question which I’m hoping you can clarify.

Let’s say I make a plane and an icosphere, give the sphere a Rigid Body and Sphere Collision, and map it’s sensors to keyboard inputs to move it around a plane. I did this and it rolls and looks great by keyboard. What I want to do at this point is use keyframe animation through interpolation, so after recording the game to IPO, I go in and do what I want to it. This also worked fine. What I want to do here though is to once again apply the keyboard sensors to the Sphere after the keyframe animation has been done.

My problem is that the keyboard inputs do not work in Animation mode, only Game Mode, and I can’t press P to go into game mode because that starts the game from the 1st frame. I want to pick up the game from AFTER the keyframe animation is done to it.

How can I pick which frame to start the game at? I wanted to move the ball up a hill, animate it jumping through a hoop (which I did just fine), but then again be able to control it with the keys.

If someone understands my dilemma, can you please respond? Thanks a lot!