Multiple Language Translators Wanted for GSoC Garlic Branch

Hi All,

I’m congcong009 from BlenderCN and we now support the GSoC student Xiao Xiangquan to finish his Garlic Branch - Internationalization feature for Blender 2.5x.

As of now he already finished part of the coding and need the PO for testing. We BlenderCN team is supporting him on the Chinese version translation, but here we also welcome more volunteers who could help us to finish the other language translation. Mainly for Japanese and Korea package but others are also wanted! :eyebrowlift:

How to join:

The translation project is hold via Google code SVN:

If you interested in any language, please feel free to email me or subscribe the mail list
[email protected]

My email: congcong009(a)

The workflow:

This is how we Chinese version work, we have 6 members so far:
1, Week#1 2 members will finish the whole translation in asc and desc order, and record the fixed translation in wiki.
2, Week#2 4 members will review all the translations and discuss in mail list, the correction will be updated at the same time in wiki.
3, Week#3 The PO will be released to the community for user case test. All feedback will receive via issue page, and translation team will maintenance the quality.

Once the user test is done, we will migrate the translation branch to trunk for production use.

Please feel free to share your feedback or suggestion to this plan. And mostly welcome you to join us! :eyebrowlift:

Cheers Blender heads,

translation manual is in chinese :smiley:

I can help translate to Swedish but, how is the original text handled, is it hardcoded or does it fetches lines from a textfile?
if so it would be easier to have the english version, and just go line by line translating.

The manual is English man, :slight_smile:
Plz send me your google account, I will give u the access the set the branch PO for Swedish.


There’s no need code work as Xiao already finished that. Just line by line translation. :slight_smile:

Am also signing up for Swedish translation. :slight_smile:

somehow I downloaded the SVN manual for google code in chinese ^^ sorry! maaan :slight_smile:

here’s my google account martin.lindelof(at)gmail(dot)com

Hi man, your access just been created. Now you can feel free to work on the Swedish translation, and you could share the load with dsavi. :slight_smile:
Thanks for all help!

Hey, is there a build of the Garlic branch i can test out my translation files with? There are some areas where the text can get a bit long and i have to make sure it looks ok in the interface. There was a build on graphicall, but the language didn’t change no matter what i did… (yes, with restart)

[email protected]

How much time does it take to do a translation? Do we just need to translate the program interface, or documentation as well?

A lot if it’s only one person doing it, there are about 6722 strings that have to be translated. The documentation (which is the wiki) is a separate thing, it’s not part of the Garlic branch.

My google account for Italian version:

One question: is possible translate only the tool tip?

I’m in for Spanish too
thesavagecode [a]

I would like to contribute and make a Polish translation:
szary /dot/ elf /at/ gmail /dot/ com

i can help with portuguese translation (pt-BR)

marceloferrante \[email protected]\ gmail

I’d like to put another pair of eyeballs on the swedish translation!
arvid.r(curly A)g-mail dot com

I is bad know English, but i well be wait when manual was translated to russia(i know this language) or my ukranian))))) Cool Blender.

I haven’t got any invite yet in my gmail inbox. :confused:

I would rather use 3ds Max than using Blender with Swedish translation ;). But good luck the translation I hope at least some people will find it useful.

Hehe, I never use Swedish, my OS and everything is in English American. But I’ll help out to translate for the ones that finds it necessary. Maybe some kid just starting, but my cousins understood english in starcraft1 when they where like 9-10

I actually believe that translating software to other languages is something that has very little value. Sorry if I sound bad, but it is just my personal thought, I am not saying I am right.

English is a universal language, and it is not hard to learn, in relation to languages like German or Finnish. Anyone with enough dedication can do it.
And to use a software you don’t need much language skills anyways. If you are learning it by self experimentation, then yes, it is important to have an understanding what each word means, but if you are learning from tutorials or books (in whatever language) then the person teaching the stuff will tell you what is what. In that way you will learn some new words, and in no time you will be using shortcuts mostly anyways.
My cousin does not speak English, but can easily play complex computer games like wow, eve online and so on. How? because you get to learn the most common words by playing very fast. Almost intuitively.

I think that all software should be in English, because it is the best language for technology. The more uniformity there is, the better, as far as software languages are concerned. Translation of software, in my own eye, and in my own personal opinion, is a waste of time and effort. It also encourages people not to bother learning English (which every person dealing with technology or internet should know very well).

Thanks for reading, and sorry for offending you if I did.