Multiple Language Translators Wanted for GSoC Garlic Branch

I would like to help with the spanish translation.

I will send you an email.

I agree with neithred, translation has little value imho too.

Naitried and Freemind, what narrow worlds you live in. :no:

it’s not offensive, just sad and ignorant.

this is weird coming from mister ‘make blender easier to use’, who are you at what have done with the real FreeMind.

this is weird coming from mister ‘make blender easier to use’, who are you at what have done with the real FreeMind.
Hey, I’m not shouting “Stop the presses!”. I do think the language thing may be useful for a few people, and should definitely be done sooner or later. But it’s definitely useless for me personally even if english is not my primary language. I didn’t really make myself clear :confused:

On the side note:
I am for globalization.
That is, I think the whole world should learn a single language, that is also simplified so learning to speak and write is as easiest as it can possibly be. Can you imagine how many problems that would fix?
I am lithuanian, and I get really irritated when using Windows in the Lithuanian language. I can’t find a thing!

Some facts:
Native English speakers: 309–400 million
Native Chinese speakers: ~1.3 billion
Then we have other big languages like Spanish, Russian, Hindi, Arbic etc. together these have over a billion native speakers.

Its easy say that ‘english is easy to learn’ but image having to learn both 3d/Blender and a new language (especially if you’re used to a non latin alphabet). That’s not easy!

Don’t most people in europe learn english in school aswel?

People don’t just magically learn english when it’s not part of their everyday experience. The name and function of the buttons for a program can be learned, but not often their actual meaning. This is true especially for chinese users, because not only the language, but also the writing system is very different.

The only bad thing about UI translation is that it can de-standardize common professional terms. It’s very difficult to choose which phrases to translate literally and which to leave out with their english names. I figure this is the reason why “tooltips only” is a necessary option.

Going on native speaker stats can be misleading, people can be fluent in two languages but only one gets counted as native…first language is a better stat as it counts those that are fluent in English at the level of a native speaker but it is not there native tongue approximately 1,3 billion English speakers would fit that description. You can be french but speak fluent English and that native speaker stat won’t count you.

But having said that I think its really important that people are able to use Blender in what language the happen to speak. After all how open can you be when people can only use your program in English.

Hi All,

I appreciate all your interesting in this project. Like Pesho’s idea, Chinese is actually totally different from English. Maybe it will be easier for some Euro countries people to learn English but it is not easy for some counties like China where there has another language system. To make the system more convenience to user and satisfy user’s behaviour
is the core design of Blender, so if there are more people need a native version we will have a reason to make one for them. Only a bigger user group could share more talent and interesting learning materials for community.

Indeed, I think in Europe most people learn english at school ; I don’t know all these countries but as regards mine, in France a very few people is able to understand English and a few part of them is able to converse in English, although more or less everybody in France has learnt English.

So, I don’t think I’ll use myself a translated Blender version but if some people need it, what is the problem ?
For those who can’t understand English with accuracy, a translated software could be more intuitive to use, in my opinion.

Dear Europeans who think English is a universal language: you have no idea how much of a barrier it is for most people in this world. int many parts of the world (eg. east asia) English is nowhere near as widespread as in Europe. Even in Japan, probably the most rich and developed asian nation where students learn English at school, standards of tuition and of language competency are not high, not nearly like in most non-English speaking European countries.

You probably may have noticed there aren’t many people participating in this forum from asian countries - it’s not because they don’t want to, or aren’t interested, it’s that language is a huge hurdle to get over. And of course even in the cut-throat market for 3D applications Shade 3D still survives for years and is presumably still profitable, even though most of the world’s 3D artists would hardly know it exists - it’s mostly because it’s made by a Japanese company, for a Japanese audience, in Japanese. That’s how big the language barrier is.

So yes, congratulations and excellent work to the people working on this translation project! It’s been a while coming, but great to see!

Its was only to give a perspective. But even if we say that there are just as many who speak Chinese who speak English (the figures are very unreliable since the definition of “English speaking” differs) it makes one realize its quite stupid to say that the Chinese should learn English.

Btw. more users -> more donations & developers -> more features & improvements

yeah! let’s make the user group bigger and bigger together! XD

English is a universal language, and it is not hard to learn

Actually, English is one of the hardest Western languages to learn. If you really take a look at it, the Grammer and Spelling rules are really complex and instance-based.

And how do I make the font as a default. Now all the letters merge and there is no definition
And yet I could help with the Russian language, even in English I do not really, and I’m in Blender
Sorry for my english

Man, the Sweds are everywhere. I can help with the German translation. But so many terms are originated in English. Render, Bridge, Mesh to name just a few don’t really have appropriate German translation

+1, in french school, for instance, the softwares have to be translated in french to be used in course.

Silly French people with their lack of education in english…

If will be transalted only the tooltips, the software remains standard, and the people understand its functions!
Do this way for me!