Multiple Lattices for one mesh

Hi, I just started doing animations a few days ago. I learned how to use lattices and was trying to add them onto my basic man. How do i make it so that there is a lattice for each arm, leg, etc. Or better yet, how would you do this (with lattices or without). Thanks.

Using lattices to deform an entire figure is a bit advanced . What you should start with is the armature .

I am assuming with your post count and your statement that you “learned how to use lattices” that you maybe need to start at a basic level (if I am wrong my apologies) : is a good place to start .

and isn’t totally complete but the basics are there .

Once you have mastered the basics, all you would have to do to add a lattice to the mesh would be parent the lattice to an armature bone in Pose Mode . The complicated part is all the shapekeys you would need …

Fortunately the work on the Peach project is going to give us a new mesh modifier called Meshdeform with which you can use another rigged mesh object like a lattice on a second modified mesh . It will be included in the next release .

Thank You! I’ll definitely try that. I was actually using the Blender Wikibook (instead of this website) to learn it, and lattices were the first (and only) thing covered. Thanks again.