Multiple Levels of detail

Newbie question.

I’ve been reading the game engine docs and I can’t see a method for managing multiple levels of detail.

I want to model a city in a big terrain model so I would need to load neighborhoods when the avatar is in proximity. Switch course terrain segments to fine as the observer aproaches.

Maybe the engine does some clever culling behind the scenes to do all this ?

I can see there are sensors that might help with this but can’t see a method for loading and unloading parts of a scene.


I think this is done with the culling now, but there are some scripts to load areas… oh and I don’t know where

Culling set the objects visible or not.
For level of detail, you can use a script (search the forum) or set up logic bricks (proximity sensor and change mesh actuator).

Yes, LOD and fake culling. I’ve got some blender files included that technique. But I was thinking 2 days ago to redo one culling script. I hope I can get it to work and set objects to visible or invisible.

The 2th try I want to do, is adding detail to these objects, the closer you come the better the mesh gets. But the problem is, the current script in the Game engine kit has a script that has to be linked to each object. And think about 1 script connected to 100’s of meshes, a hack of a work to do. So I’m going to try to redo one and combine fake culling with LOD.

This is for my little tank game project which has a lot of python script already. And this idea is a part I want to work out. :stuck_out_tongue: