multiple location/rotation changes?

Ok, here’s the issue:

I have one object which represents the target for another one which is acting as a particle emitter (both emptys). What I want to archieve is that the target randomly changes its position (relative to the emitter and within certain limits of course) and the emitter automatically rotates in the target’s direction. Sounds rather simple in theory but somehow I absolutely can’t get this to work…

My main approach would be the following:
The controller which is connected to the sensor that is initiating the emitter runs a script which would work about this way:

  • change the location of the target (local coordinates)
  • trigger the “track to” actuator for the emitter
  • change the location back to it’s origin so it won’t start rotating around and mess everything up.
    (- trigger “track to” again)

The problem with this is that “addActiveActuator()” apparently only works upon the completion of the script so nothing actually happens and possible changes only appear when the game is ended.

So is there any way to get this to work or do I have to tackle this problem from a completely different direction and if so have you got any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

Well, now I kinda got what I wanted by partly randomizing an ipo which defines the rotation of the emitter but it would still be great if anybody had an idea on how to accomplish something like that. You never know if it might not be more important on some other issue after all…