multiple material distortions after adding bevel and subsurf modifier

The left image presents the object without any modifier.
The middle image shows the effect of adding a bevel modifier.
The image at the right shows the effect of a subsurf modifier added to the bevel modifier.

Is it possible to prevent these distortions?

no… not really… not without applying the Bevel modifier and manually asigning matterials to faces in edit mode…

Well, you can prevent the bleeding of the materials if you set 2 segments in the Bevel modifier. If you have only 1 segment, Blender must choose a material in between the ones of the 2 neighboring faces.

To get approximately the same shape than with only 1 segment (with the Subsurf modifier), you just need to increase the width of the bevel. It works well… on a cube, at least. :eyebrowlift:

Here, the white cube has only 1 segment of bevel, the other cube, 2 segments.

you could also add a edgesplit modifier!

happy blendering

When I use the bevel modifier, there is no choice for segments (right image below).
Am I doing something wrong?

Well again… when using the Bevel Modifier… not the Bevel tool in the Modeling tools… there is no way for Blender to know which polygons are intended for which Material… :yes:

wait a second here has the old bevel modifier been replace with the new one yet ?
don’t know when this will be replace but should be soon!

seems to work fine with the bevel tool Ctrl-B!

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To be honest, I don’t remember having used the Bevel modifier even once so I’ve no idea when the option to change the number of segments was added. I have Blender 2.66.6 and the option is here. That’s all I know.

i’ll try to find the post and ask the develp on when he is going to implemend this new modifier


Solved. I’ve just installed Blender 2.67 (instead of 2.66) and the segments button is present.

No bleeding of the materials occurs at even values for the segments.Bleeding of the materials occurs at all odd values for the segments.

What is a segment?

A segment is a part of line (in Geometry) and this word fits actually well here. If you consider edges as segments, the number of segments indicates how many new edges the Bevel modifier will create when it splits 2 vertices apart. If you think of faces, that’s the number of rows of faces which will be created along the bevelled edge.

Let’s just say that “segments” is the strength of the Bevel. The devs had to choose a word to put in the slider and this one was in the top of the list of possibilities.

Okay… good deal… update solved the problem…