Multiple materials in mesh

hi there!

i am new to blender, so sorry for my question in advance…

i have a mesh and designed two materials for it: first one, solid blue (sb), second one black wire (bw).

in the edit mode i assigned the two materials to different faces. my aim is, that parts of the object appear solid blue and parts as a wireframe.

the order in the materials section is 1. sb 2. bw.

when i render the object, i see the solid blue parts in solid blue but with a wire frame on it, i dont want that and i never assigned the wire material to these faces…

how can i solve it?

thanks in advance!!!

Hmmm… Not the most encouraging welcome.

If you ever come back, upload your file (or a simplified version of it) at and copy/paste the URL in your post. (You won’t be able to attach images and files until you reach your 10th post.)

Helping people don’t always feel like playing a guessing game with OP’s. :wink: