Multiple materials on meshs?

Hey folks,

I’ve had Blender3D for a while now, but I’m just beggining to use it professionally, and regularly. One of the problems I have now coma accross is… I seem to be unable to add multiple materials to a mesh.

For example:
Let’s say we have a cube in 3D space. How would we go about adding 6 different materials to each face of the cube?

Is this even possible from within Blender3D? I sure hope it is. I’m using 2.40 by the way.

Please IM me or email me if you know how to do this.

Thanks folks,


This tutorial should help you

or look at the documents?

Enjoy blender! :smiley:

thats the blend I pm you about.
any one else
thats a link to a blend with some examples of muilti materials and some other stuff.