Multiple materials on same object

I know this question has been asked before, but I can’t seem to find a working answer to it. I am having issues getting the game engine to render multiple materials on a single object when I play my game.

I have tried several examples of how to get this to work (to incldude a python script) and they have no effect on my game.

Is there a simple answer for why my objects are only colored with their base materials?

Thank you for any help,


Well, assuming you have ‘Use Blender Materials’ checked under the games menu and assuming you understand how multiple materials work in blender (games engine or not) there should be no problem.
So post your non working blend if you still have a problem and we’ll tell you where your going wrong

When designing your game models, use all the textures and materials you like. But when finished, use the “Consolidate into one image” script to make things nice and fast.

Hope this helps.

You should Unwrap it onto a blank texture in the UV editor and Render Bake it. That makes it usable without using the blender materials.

To get UVmapped images on materials using Use Blender materials to work, go to the texture menu and add a new one and leave it blank, it works for some reason.