Multiple materials per mesh possible??

I am making a model of a boat that I want to put a more complex material on. I have taken the uv co-ordinates into the gimp and skinned it that way, however, I would like to take it out in bits. I know that you can select certain uv faces, and export the uv co-ordinates for just those faces, however, as far as I can tell, when using them as a texture with uv mapping, you can only put on one per mesh, how do I uv map different maps to different faces???


Do you know about the material indices in edit buttons? You can let a mesh have up to 16 materials. The manual explains how it’s used, should you not be familair with it.

Anyway, I’m guessing you’re using the texface button to let the uv texture show up. This is not my preferred choice, because then it doesn’t act like a blender material. Instead, add an image texture, choose the same image you used for UV-mappning (you don’t have to reload, just pick from dropdown), and pick “UV” in the “map input” buttons.

When you’ve added more materials, which you will map with different images, do the same with the map input, but select the appropriate image.