Multiple materials problem

I have made a model and divided it into several materials. But I did a mistake when assigning and now I can’t remove some vertices from the material.

How could I do that?


To remove some vertices from the material ? I don’t understand … could you be more clear ?

Well, I have created more than one material for the same object. Then I assigned different parts of the object to the different materials, but I made a mistake. And now I can’t remove some of the vertices from the selection I assigned to one of the materials.

Press TAB to get your Mesh in EDIT mode, press ‘A’ so that you have no vertices selected…

Then go to the EDIT buttons window…

In the left side there’s a button saying something like:‘2 Mat: 2’ (the number depends on how many materials you have assigned to your Mesh), it shows the active Material… Use this button to make the Material your vertices currently have, active…

Press the ‘Select’ button and only the vertices that have the active Material will be selected… Use the ‘B’ button with RMB to deselect all the vertices except the ones you want to remove and assign the correct Material to them with the ‘Assign’ button…

I hope it’s what you wanted…

You can only assign faces to materials, besides, you only assign verticies and no new texture. If you made a big mistake in that then perhaps restart from scratch material wise.

When I press select and deselect some of the faces, then press Assign, it does not work. When I then deselect all the vertices and press select, they are not removed

I ended up deleting the material index and making a new material, and assigning all over again. Slow, but works.


What the “Assign” button does is set the material of the selected faces to the current material - not set the current material to the selected faces!

So what you have to do is select the “extra” faces you want to change back, switch back to your origional material and hit “Assign”

You are correct in saying that vertices don’t have materials: faces do. When you select all of the vertices surrounding a face, you thereby select the face. (“Edit” mode chooses vertices. “UV Face Select” mode chooses faces, and in so doing, it selects all of the faces’ vertices, as you can see by switching to “Edit” mode. Use whatever mode suits your working style.)

If you do not select all of the vertices for a face, you have not yet selected that face. Therefore material changes will not occur. The “Draw Faces” button can help considerably, because you can see when a face has been selected; you see a color-change. Remember that the only thing you can actually “see” in the 3D world is a face. Vertices (points…) and edges (lines…) cannot be seen. Thus, “textures and materials” apply only to faces.

When you have selected one or more faces, the Assign button will assign the currently-chosen material to those faces.

For convenience, the Select button will select all of the faces which use the currently-chosen material, if there are any. Thus if (for whatever reason) you wanted to switch all faces that use Material #2 to Material #3, you would: - Choose material #2. - Press Select. - Choose material #3. - Press Assign.

One possibility is that depending on how you modelled the object, you may have overlapping faces. So, when you select the vertices, you are not getting all the vertices that belong to one face. In this case, a remove doubles would solve that. Also, you can spot if this is the case by entering face mode and see if the face is selected when the vertices are choosen. If it doesn’t, you have duplicate overlapping faces.