Multiple materials problem

I am making an easy model, but trying to add multiple materials to it, and Blender is driving me mad. First I make the three materials, and then when I try to assign them the problem occurs. Every time I assign a material with the others I get some vertices (a faceloop) left inside one of the other material groups. Which is preatty ugly rendered. So I have 2 materials for some vertices, but not for faces.

Is there some way to remove vertices from a material group without deleting it and starting all over again.


Pretty sure that if you assign verticies to a group, they’re automatically removed from their previous group…

i don’t have blender right here but i think if you assign vertices to a group, they will also stay in their old group.
To remove a vertex from a group, select the group, then select the offending vertex. then press the “remove” button. pretty sure that should work… :wink:

They will stay in their original groups so you can have vertices assigned to multiple groups. You need to manually remove vertices from vertex groups.

I think you guys are confusing vertex groups with Material index groups. You can assign different materials, (re: 1 Mat 1, 2 Mat 2), and have multiple materials on one object without any vertex groups. Assigning verticies to a group does remove it from the previous group there.

errr. yeah i was confused. ok never mind what i said earlier. guess it’s not relevant.


Yes it is supposed to, but it leaves a faceloop, and I can’t remove it. Because there are no remove button for material indexes

Weird. I’d remove doubles, you may have 2 faces on top of each other or something. Other than that I’d need to see your blend file.