Multiple Meshes not Rendering Correctly

Hello, I’m pretty new, so I’m having some trouble getting multiple meshes to render correctly. I had it divided up to put materials on each section. Only 3 out of 7 parts are rendering. I don’t know what is different between the two sets. I have everything set to be visible for rendering. I tried joining them back together, but that didn’t make any difference either. After joining them, I was confused when I caught some vertices not appearing to be selected, although it should all have been. It made me suspicious that maybe that was the problem, but when I started with a different part and joined them together on that one, it all looked selected and that made no difference either.
I’ll post the file. It’s a plane I’m still working on for a shooter sprite. (Yes I know it’s messy.)


plane3-materials.blend (536 KB)

In your material settings for the objects that don’t show up, turn off sky


Oh…I didn’t see that. Thanks a lot.