Multiple models and projects of pointlessness (or maybe not)

Since I have many projects, models currently in progress and in planning, I decided to make this thread so I don’t end up making many, many, many single model specific threads each time I start something new :slight_smile:

I stumbled across an old drawing of mine and thought to my self ‘‘why not?’’ And so I started making it in blender.
No name yet, so I’ll call it S-GT concept. (Yes, I know. The wheels are shit)

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It may be striving away a little from the picture…


Its nice I like it, original designs are difficult. This will look very good once you put doors and detail work into it. If you work on making the pillars around the glass area more convincing/realistic it will be great. The back window looks a little bubbly which wouldnt happen with real glass. I do like that first yellow one.

Redone the side and overhauled the roof.


Working on a little old Porsche.

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Looks cool! Can you maybe give some insight in how you set up the material?

… coming along


Very good model choice, really like that porsche. Looking foward to see more!

Here is a project I started a long time ago… like 4 months ago.
I hope to finish it before the end of summer.
it’s the NFS ProStreet intro made in Blender using cars from

Simple render

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i know you said multiple models, bt this takes the cake!
good job all round, but 3 projects at the same time is a bit of multitasking

I don’t want to focus all of my efforts on one project at a given time. I usually want to work on a specific project on one day, and on another some other day.

Here is a short test animation

The Porshey is coming along.

What material? Sorry, hadn’t noticed your comment before.

Wheels are in progress, I only added them so I could see how they looked on the car.

Since college is in full swing, I guess I won’t be working on my projects as much + I don’t use my 4k monitor in the dorm, but I use a crumby 900p screen, which makes showing non-rendered images pretty awful.


Some car that I drew in class today.

More details