Multiple Monitors

Hello there. I have a Lenovo Thinkpad W520 connected with an HDMI cable to Sony Bravia Led Tv. Problem is the colors appear different on these screens. Check the attached picture.
I have tried tweaking color settings on both laptop and tv settings but doesn’t work out.
whats the fix?

Yeah, that’s a fact, colors are always different between two different screens …
If you absolutely want to get the same color on both, you need to buy a calibration tool… Have a look for example on this article . Basically it’s a RGB camera with very good color sensor, and it’s coupled to a software which sets the screen color balance to have best possible result.

Nevertheless, these tools are usually usefull on an already good top level screen. It’s very usefull to make sure that the color you actually see is the “real” color.
If your matter is only to have same color on both screens… Well I would advice to work on two identical screens …

See you :slight_smile: ++

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As a starting point, it looks like your greys are “warm” on the laptop and “cool” on the TV. There’s usually a way to adjust color temperature on televisions.

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I don’t know about your W520, but Thinkpads, aside from some of the more expensive modern models have utterly garbage screens. I’m really not sure how Lenovo gets away with such crap on expensive laptops, but I would be inclined to treat the colour on the TV as the more accurate one in this case. The latest Yogas, Carbons and Extremes have some very nice screen options if you are willing to shell out $$$. I have an x260, which had one of the worst screens I’ve ever seen before I bought a replacement panel (which has its own problems, but it’s better).

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It’s not that uncommon for monitors to look different. A lot of pros buy specific hardware for display calibration to fix the issue. One such example is the Spyder 5 calibrator, which I used at my last internship for fixing my computer screen so that it had neutral colours to make it easier to work.

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Either buy a professional calibration tool, or buy two of the same pre-configured pro/prosumer monitors.

A calibration tool is in order anyway. Even if the two match exactly, which is unlikely even with the exact same modell, calibration is not a fire and forget thing. It has to be redone from time to time.