multiple monitors?

Yes i know its been mentioned before, but i couldnt find a fully satisfactory answer, so i thought i’d ask for myself, so sorry if this annoys people.

Righto, i can stretch the blender window over the two monitors and split it into different viewpoints however its rather messy and i was wondering if there was a proper way of maximising one viewpoint on the secondary monitor?

sorry again. I did google it but all i could find out was mention of a window manager, but i couldnt find any thing on how to access this window manager.

no, there isn’t

[yet… at some point you ought to be able to have several blender windows with their own [or perhaps all the same] screens. Nobody that I know of has worked on such a feature yet]

Multiple monitors would be awesome in Blender. We use those at the power plants that I have worked at. Your mouse just moves right onto the next monitor.

Unfortunately, I believe that the software program, Blender, has to be specifically written to do that. I am not sure if there has to be special drivers installed for that to work too.

we are using Blender with dual monitor setups, just manually setting the windows in nice ways

… i agree it would be cool to have a feature where you can maximize a win to a certain display, would require someone to do some Ghost hacking (probably quite tricky to get working on all platforms, 'cause multiple monitors can be handled in so many ways by the display drivers … unless there’s a simple workaround, like just knowing what the res and pos of each display is)


what “nice” ways you found of setting it? I found that even if i saved the default settings once i’d stretched it across both monitors, the stretch wasnt saved even though the setups of the viewports was. which was odd. You found a way round this?

About making the mutliple monitor bit work…if you could put viewports into seperate windows, then it’d be easy, and you could just drag separate window(s) across to second monitor (and possibly third, tho i tend not to use 3 as my desk gets cramped).

I tried this a while ago, simply stretching the window but
I ended up with a huge black hole on the side.

Would be great if it worked the way I set up Photoshop ao.
My left screen has the viewport and my second screen has all the menus.
Therefore Blender would have to have floating menus.

But if I’m not mistaking my older versions of blender all had tremendous probs with the menus causing buttons to go black when they were out of focus.

So right now I’m already happy with a working but fixed menu.

Would it be possible to open Blender for each screen and then use Verse to integrate them to same scene?

Even having multiple render windows in one monitor while working in the other would be cool.