Multiple Monitors

Greetings all…

I have 3 monitors. Can someone tell me why Blender is still so annoying with multiple monitors? Do most users not use multiple monitors?

I have my main 3D View in my main monitor, and the Properties/Outliner on a second monitor. But when I minimize the main window the second window on the other monitor doesn’t minimize. Annoying. And each window requires you click on it to make it active when you move from the other window. Annoying.

I saw somebody was kind enough to make a little .exe app to solve the second problem, but as with many users it throws up a Windows Defender block.

Am I missing something? Or maybe somebody knows of some simple Python fixes I can make to resolve these?


you could stretch the single window across all monitors, partition, save startup file. this will only work if all monitors are on the same gpu.

i only use one monitor so im not that familiar with this.

Thanks, but when I do that and re-load it goes back to only 1 monitor. I have 2 GPU’s, but all monitors are on the same GPU.

Even if it did work, the header with File/Render…and Layout selector gets kinda messy since it spans 2 monitors. Unless there’s some way to split the Header across two monitors.