Multiple object manipulations?

I haven’t really figured out this “link” system in blender, so manipulating multiple objects has been really tough.

question 1:

how do I apply a single material to multiple objects in a group all at once?

question 2:

is there any way to create a number of physical objects all with the same game engine properties? I want to be able to change one objects’ properties and have the group’s rigid body radius change as well, etc…

in general I haven’t found too many tuts on linking. any help well appreciated!

Noderanger, for both questions, there is a cheap hack which is to join together the objects, assign material or logic brick, and then re-seperate them…

I am all ears if somebody has a better suggestion.


  1. Give 1 object the material you want. Select all the other objects and lastly select the object with the correct material. CTRL-L, Material. That will link all the objects to the material of your active object (the one you last selected)

And same as Rawpidgion described above to copy - Ctrl-C for Properties and Lagic Bricks.