Multiple Object tracks with static camera. Survey clip?

Hi all.

This is a bit of a complex question, but I’ll give it a try. Here goes…

I have a scene with a static camera and I wish to track two objects in the scene. The first object is a collar on my actor, and the second is the head. I will later create a skeleton structure between the two objects.

I have tried this, and managed to do the following; Track the camera, using the collar tracking points, and then a single object (the head). This works, however, it doesn’t give me a static camera, as the camera is moving to make the collar ‘move’. The disadvantage of this method, is that I cannot place lights that are static with relation to the camera.

Should I use a survey clip, (all objects static and just move the camera), so as to calculate the camera. If I did this, what would my workflow be to actually apply this data to a camera, and then go on to track two objects?

Hope this question is not too confusing.

Thx R.

Coming soon to Blender tracking is locked off camera solving. As for object tracking I haven’t done this yet sorry I can’t help.

Somewhere in the Mango blog, Sebastian noted that one development goal should be use of survey data in the tracker.


Thx Guys.

Can any developers shed a light on when we may possibly see lock-off solving in the tomato dev branch.

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