Multiple objects, one material, one texture

(Brian Pangburn) #1

So, I’ve been bashing my head against the wall with this. I have multiple objects that I want to get down to one material, and one texture, so I can reduce the draw calls in Unity. I know I need to use a texture atlas to do it, and I know how to create one. How do I then use that atlas when you can’t export multiple UVS on one map? Is there a step by step tutorial somewhere on how to do this? Am I going about it the wrong way, cuz I have been trying to figure this out for months now, and can’t find info anywhere.

(cgCody) #2

You wouldn’t need to export multiple UVs onto one map. Each object is exported with it’s own UVs which tell that object what part of the texture to use. The only thing that is shared is the texture itself.

Think of the texture atlas like a hotel. The objects are the guests. Each guest has a set of directions (UVs) to their room.

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(cgCody) #4

Texture Atlas is indeed a handy tool, but it doesn’t answer the question. Each object still exports with it’s own UV set as I explained.

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(cgCody) #6

No reason to be short. Neither one of us is wrong, but either one of us may have misinterperated the request.

Yes you can export an ‘image’ of the UV layout to make atlas texturing easier, but since the OP stated he already knows how to create the atlas (which you would typically do after laying out UVs), I’m interpretating his request to “export multiple UVs” as meaning the actual UV data, not a UV template. In other words there’s no special file called My_Layout.UV

(helluvamesh) #7

I read the first post again and came to the conclusion that I do not understand the question, so you can ignore all my posts.

(cgCody) #8

We’ll just have to wait for the OP to chime in, buddy. I could be the one who misunderstood the question. :slight_smile:

(helluvamesh) #9

I definitely misunderstood it.